5 Things that interior designers should know about 3D visualization

Software and hardware advancements have had a significant influence on the design industry. When it comes to demonstrating to prospective clients that your vision for the project is aligned with theirs, 3D architectural rendering is the solution. It makes a significant impact and demonstrates why you are the ideal interior designer for the project.

3D interior design has progressed significantly in the last decade, reaching heights that were unimaginable only a decade ago. Interior visualisation is a cost-effective and time-saving technique that assists interior designers in accurately planning projects. It's critical to view your concept in its entirety before embarking on the actual creation process. This will save both money and time, which is why all interior designers should be aware of this benefit.

Now let's look at how 3D visualisation benefits interior designers and why you should use it as well.


The Carlile Residences.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: BayleyWard Architects

Interior renderings let clients Envision Their Future Space

Interior visualizations are an effective model to get your clients pumped about their new space. 3D interior design is more than just an image; they help prospects visualize how their space will look and feel. Clients of interior designers are not architects or civil engineers; they can't look at a 2D floor plan and visualize how the space will look like. It is the responsibility of the interior designer to ensure that the client comprehends the project before work begins, leaving no doubt in their mind.

When a client comes to the interior designer with a basic notion of what they want and some visuals of the style they desire, the interior designer's job is to summarise everything and put it into a spectacular 3D interior visualisation. The client can visualize how the interiors will look like when finished and see it realistically. When you utilise the right tool and interior rendering services, you can quickly and easily translate both the client's demands and your vision into a stunning 3D interior design. When a client has something tangible in front of them that they can touch or see it helps them imagine themselves living there too!

3D Visualizations allow to communicate your design concept to the Client in the Most Effective Way

The key to establishing a good interior design firm is being able to communicate with clients effectively and establishing an agreement on the project before it begins. The 3D renderings help you match your proposal to the requirements of your clients and avoid misunderstandings. This prevents disappointment, additional expenditure, or extra time to deliver the project. It's always beneficial to be able to explain your thoughts in an easy-to-understand manner. Making the complicated simple is what all communicators strive towards, whether it's using words, photos, or videos. Because you want to meet – and even surpass – their expectations, you'll want to choose 3D visualisation services that will help you bring your ideas to life as quickly as possible. If your communication with the client is smooth, fast, and easy you will increase your chances of being hired.

Create the best Impression towards Your Clients 

Making a good first impression on clients is crucial. The first few moments of an interaction with someone can determine how they view you in the light and as an individual. 3D interior renderings are intended to give your clients the ‘WOW’ factor they're looking for. Hiring professional 3D interior visualisation services can help produce renderings that are photorealistic, which will work wonderfully. The client buying experience is improved by providing professional quality 2D, 3D floors plans, and 3D interior design of the floor to display your work. Of course, budget is a major consideration in the decision-making process, but earning the client's trust is equally important. To gain their acceptance, you must persuade them that your idea meets their demands and style.

Remove all doubts in the client’s mind and don’t restrict your presentation to a basic 2D floor plan and pencil drawings. The client must have confidence in the interior designer they select. Top-notch 3D interior renderings give an assurance of the quality of work and help advertise the project.

Use 3D interior visualization to Attract New Clients

Attracting new customers is one of the hardest parts of running a business. Whether you're just starting or have been in the game for years, this struggle never ceases. In addition to the usual marketing strategies, such as social media and other advertising channels, it's important to connect with the clients on various platforms.

Eye-catching interior renderings, as well as 3d interior animation, allow you to market your services. 3D interior visualisations are the finest evidence of your work, and they'll help you attract new customers. You can use them for marketing purposes, on your website, social media, to display previous projects and show the variety of design proposals you can produce. Prospects will approach you because of the degree of expertise and quality you can provide to their project.

It's All About the Portfolio

What good is all your hard work if no one knows about it? If you can attract as many eyeballs on your architectural portfolio as possible, you'll would not go long without being approached for new work. This should start with an online and physical architectural portfolio that showcases a diverse range of your projects.

Your 3D interior rendering will be the first thing your potential clients will get to see. Your portfolio must be powerful enough to convince them and demonstrate that you are a good fit for their project. Your architectural portfolio must help you become noticeable among dozens, if not hundreds, of other job and project applications. Set up a few hours each week for self-promotion, publicity, and brand building if you want to keep your work fresh and your voice heard.

Napier Street, apartment building.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: Edition Office

Passion and emotion are vital elements in interior design. As a designer, you must devote yourself to the smallest details of a room in order to give it individuality. 3D interior design can help you with this. It's a guaranteed approach to acquire trustworthy partners, gain public and brand awareness, build your organization, and, lastly, extend your customer base if done correctly.


Written by

Trishla Chadha
Architect | Content writer

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