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CUUB is a  global creative content studio. Our team focuses on producing digital assets for promoting projects in the domains of luxury residential, real estate, commercial, and cultural properties. We combine artistic with practical problem-solving. Our projects are the result of streamlined workflows and a creative approach to visual communication.

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Our team

Bohdan Behmat


Daniil Taraskin

Chief Executive Officer

Alina Kandibolotska

Chief Operating Officer

Rodion Dola

Chief Marketing Officer

Olha Ilina

Human Resources Generalist

Kate Mironova

Project Management Officer

Valerii Ivanov

Account Manager

Vitaliy Todorov

Account Manager

Kateryna Sokolova

Art Director

Vitaliy Yakimenko

Art Director

Ihor Matvienko

Lead Animation Artist

Dmitriy Litvinov

Lead Modeller

Oleksandra Petrenko

Senior Artist

Oleksandr Golinskyi

Senior Artist

Kirill Kovalenko

Senior Artist

Vitaliy Neretin

Senior Artist

Vitaliy Gordienko

Senior Artist

Dmytro Serafim

Senior Modeller

Denys Babych


Kyrylo Dudik


Kateryna Kuzmenko


Oksana Hnyra

3D Artist

Mykyta Bondariev

3D Artist

Ruslan Ivanov

3D Artist

Anastasia Zaharova

3D Artist

Valeria Fedii

3D Artist

Vitalii Hetman

AI Artist

Darya Monya

PR Manager

Lubov Fomtsova

Graphic Designer

Anna Pohyba

SMM Manager

Maxim Albul

Sales Manager

Dmytro Hryhorenko

Sales Manager

Natalia Isabekova

Office Manager

Client testimonials

Craig Baudin

Partner at Fender Katsalidis

Compelling visualisations are no longer just a marketing tool in architecture, they have become a fundamental expectation. Planning authorities expect to understand clearly how our proposals will affect the cities in which we work, and clients want that same degree of certainty for the spaces in which they are going to live and work in. The images that CUUB produces allows us to communicate the design work we do in the best possible way, and as a design business that is of utmost importance.

Dennis Chew

Director of Perth studio at DKO Architecture

DKO are a fan of your work as there is a lot more than architecture and painting a picture, it is the essence of life, the emotion and the vibe that is as important to capture. We believe the CUUB team do a great job doing so.

Kin Seng Choo

Founder at C.Street Projects

CUUB did an impressive job understanding the local context and our architectural specifications. CUUB’s familiarity with Melbourne and the design culture here really does help. I think that CUUB is also able to bring its experience with other global projects to create its own style and interpretation of Melbourne designs.

Danny Schwartz

Partner at the Main Properties

We loved working with CUUB, prompt back and forth emails, highly responsive and very amenable and flexible to explore alternatives and finally to go with our decisions. I would seriously highly recommend CUUB, their quality of output is exemplary, the real life like quality of the images surpass most of what I’ve seen in the marketplace. When you really have to look at an image to see if it's real or not, that is when you know you have a great renderer on your hands.

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