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Driven by values and focused on solutions

When we founded CUUB, we knew we wanted to build a community of the architects of the future with interests and ideas in common. We have passion. We are ambitious. We believe we can move the framework of the beautiful. We want to re-shape the face of architectural visualization in general and Ukrainian business in particular.

The idea for CUUB was born some time ago in Australia, where Bohdan, our founder, was working as a 3D artist. After gaining extensive experience in the architectural visualization industry, he came back to Dnipro and reached out to his friend Vlad with a proposition to set up a studio. So the story began.

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We are artists, architects, problem solvers, and superheroes.

With a purpose to create a community where everyone can make progress personally and professionally, CUUB began to grow intensely and now wins clients around the world.

Today CUUB is a community of curious and ambitious people with a rational pursuit of excellence and a keen eye on client service. We strive to keep our work unique and engaging, and we are here to collaborate with you. Feel free to drop us a line. Here and now.

Our values


Freedom is our foundational value that celebrates creativity and encourages people to be themselves.
Our corporate culture is deep-rooted in freedom of imagination, freedom of expression, freedom to be unique and respected.

Growth and development

CUUB drives our curiosity and desire to grow together by learning and exploring unseen horizons.
We strongly believe that being a top-notch team today means making a difference every day! We constantly push the boundaries of aesthetics by blurring the limits between real and virtual.

Rationality and logic

When faced with a hurdle we focus on solutions and jump!
Our efficiency is the result of rationally polished workflows and our true-and-tested systematic approach to visual communication.

Meet our team

We're passionate about pushing the boundaries of aesthetics

Bohdan Behmat

Founder, Art director

Bohdan is a true mastermind and a consummate perfectionist. From the start, his vision has been to build the best architectural visualization studio worldwide. The idea maker and the real engine of the company, Bohdan is known for his dedication, experience, and unsurpassed artistic skills – they bring people together around him.

Daniil Taraskin


Daniil is at the helm of our team. He utilizes a forward-thinking approach to business development and innovative strategies to achieve outstanding performance. He manages a large-scale spectrum of principal managerial tasks, including marketing, human resources, and sales.

Vlad Kirichenko

Project Manager

Vlad is a superhuman and a real team player, with a primary focus on planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects. Passionate about making everything run smoothly, he is ready to help anyone in need. After hours, he loves spending time with his family, hiking, or orienteering. 

Alina Kandibolotska


Alina is a creative problem solver and the person behind the client care. She is cosmopolitan and fantastic in the art of bonding with different people.

Kate Mironova

Project Manager

Kate is our project manager with a superpower to look at problems from different perspectives, and find unexpected solutions. It's a very good skill for the person who manages a team of creative artists. As a professional sportswoman, she brings a controlled passion to every project she touches with a focus on results.

Eugene Ivashkiv

Art director

Jenya is our art director, a true leader who inspires and guides the vision of the team. He is well-versed in both the creative and technical sides of architectural visualization, has a trained eye for scene composition, atmospheres, and entourage.

Anton Pohrebniak

Art Director, UE specialist

Anton is incredibly gifted and passionate about his work, new technologies, and creativity! His favorite pastime is learning new things. These days it is an Unreal Engine. Have you already seen his animation on our YouTube channel? If not, quick there to look!

Ihor Matvienko

3D Artist

Igor is a hugely experienced senior artist with high exterior and interior visualization expertise and a keen eye for lighting, composition, color, and mood. Cat lover and one of the CUUB's first members, he loves photography and constantly learning new software.

Alexandra Petrenko

3D Artist

Sasha enjoys mindful journeys and backpacking into the wild. Whenever she is not busy with creating top-notch renderings, Sasha likes to make tea for the teammates. Want to try the best tea ever? Join us, and taste for yourself!

Kirill Kovalenko

3D Artist

Kirill is a real quiet one. Since no one hears him, his renderings speak for his talent: they are so accurate and photorealistic! He approaches everything he does with high speed and passion, always solving problems with unbreakable patience.

Vitaliy Yakimenko

3D Artist

Vitaliy is an experienced 3D artist with years of experience under the belt. Thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to detail are the basis for every image he crafts. A true skipper and yachtsman, he has a joke up his sleeve for almost every occasion.

Vitaliy Neretin

3D Artist

Vitaliy, our latest addition to the team, blew us away with his rendering portfolio. We are happy to celebrate such a 3DSMax magician joining us!

Vladislav But

3D Artist

Vlad is a creative-minded person with a bunch of crazy ideas and a pursuit of excellence. He joined our team quite recently but already has proved himself to be an absolute maestro in creating striking renderings.

Dmitriy Litvinov

3D Modeller

Dima is an engineer with a passion for creating art out of nothing. At work, he is on a mission to create 3D models as close to perfection as possible. To say he is punctual is an understatement. If you come to work half an hour earlier, you will see that Dima is already waiting.

Denys Babych


Denys is a super professional modeler. Prior to joining CUUB he was working for the state-owned aerospace manufacturer and has specialized in modeling spacecraft, rockets, tractors, and industrial products. We are excited to have such a great engineer as part of our team.

Client testimonials

Shakira Everett

Design Manager, Milieu Property

Great quality of work and quick turn around, very engaged in the render creation process. You're the only visualisations company that will help work at the detail as the design evolves which we really appreciate 

Evan Lau

Associate at DKO Architecture

Great work, I look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate.

Jeremy Anderson

Director, Eldridge Anderson

We would highly recommend working with CUUB Studio.  Their communication was fantastic and the visualisations captured our design intent. 

Olivia Perrett

Development Manager, Outline Projects

Very responsive and quick turnaround on renders. We were really happy with the end result.

Lucas Lau

Principal, Laxstudios + Architects

CUUB is exceptional at 3D especially getting the realism on trees, plant and fauna.

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