Exterior rendering

What is exterior rendering?

Exterior renderings give architects and their partners a realistic representation of the future project as they translate an architect's idea into a clearly defined visual message.

Why use visualization?

Provide high-level experiences

Attention-grabbing visualizations are an extremely spectacular tool for architectural storytelling.

Renderings help humanize the architecture, develop a deeper connection with the audience, engage and provoke an emotional response from viewers.

Set expectations from the start

Photorealistic renderings are essential in the first stage of development and a good investment on the path to success.

Photorealistic CG visuals can help emphasize the unique features of a building, show not only the shapes but also how the object will fit into the environment.

Tell the story

As we live in an image-driven world to achieve the best results architects need to tell a story behind the project, create a connection between the viewer and image.

Exterior renderings help to make narrative project presentations and bring the ‘wow’-factor to the clients.

Use exterior renderings for marketing assets

In an era of marketing’s new golden age, architectural renderings become highly important in a project’s presentation.

CGI can be used for various marketing purposes, including social media, portfolios, online and offline advertising, etc.

Client testimonials

One Wilson Ave, apartment building.
Architectural visualization | Melbourne, Autstralia | Architect: Fieldwork Architects
Bastion, office building.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: DKO Architecture
Office building in Melbourne.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: Fender Katsalidis
The Carlile Residences.
Architectural visualization | Melbourne, Autstralia | Architect: BayleyWard Architects

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