Exterior rendering

What is exterior rendering?

Exterior renderings give architects and their partners a realistic representation of the future project as they translate an architect's idea into a clearly defined visual message.

Why use visualization?

Provide high-level experiences

Attention-grabbing visualizations are an extremely spectacular tool for architectural storytelling.

Renderings help humanize the architecture, develop a deeper connection with the audience, engage and provoke an emotional response from viewers.

Set expectations from the start

Photorealistic renderings are essential in the first stage of development and a good investment on the path to success.

Photorealistic CG visuals can help emphasize the unique features of a building, show not only the shapes but also how the object will fit into the environment.

Tell the story

As we live in an image-driven world to achieve the best results architects need to tell a story behind the project, create a connection between the viewer and image.

Exterior renderings help to make narrative project presentations and bring the ‘wow’-factor to the clients.

Use exterior renderings for marketing assets

In an era of marketing’s new golden age, architectural renderings become highly important in a project’s presentation.

CGI can be used for various marketing purposes, including social media, portfolios, online and offline advertising, etc.

Client testimonials

Evan Lau

Associate at DKO Architecture

Great work, I look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate.

Shakira Everett

Design Manager, Milieu Property

Great quality of work and quick turn around, very engaged in the render creation process. You're the only visualisations company that will help work at the detail as the design evolves which we really appreciate 

Jeremy Anderson

Director, Eldridge Anderson

We would highly recommend working with CUUB Studio.  Their communication was fantastic and the visualisations captured our design intent. 

Olivia Perrett

Development Manager, Outline Projects

Very responsive and quick turnaround on renders. We were really happy with the end result.

Lucas Lau

Principal, Laxstudios + Architects

CUUB is exceptional at 3D especially getting the realism on trees, plant and fauna.

One Wilson Ave, apartment building.
Architectural visualization | Melbourne, Australia | Architect: Fieldwork Architects
Bastion, office building.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: DKO Architecture
Office building in Melbourne.
Melbourne, Australia | Architect: Fender Katsalidis
The Carlile Residences.
Architectural visualization | Melbourne, Australia | Architect: BayleyWard Architects

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