How architectural visualization services are changing the way a project is promoted and sold

The art of visualization is not something you can learn overnight. If you wish to achieve the highest quality in your images or videos you must know that rendering requires plenty of time and effort.

Today’s architecture isn’t just about looking good or being safe. In CUUB, every day we are getting lots of requests from clients with enquiry points such as sustainability or security in their new buildings. With 3D renders, we always try to emphasize features on this matter and I know that our clients each time expect we are taking their needs seriously. And while we are creating the renders which promotes their vision, we also help to avoid several mistakes before construction. 

The visualization can go a long way to showing how the blueprints should be interpreted, reducing errors. Many visualization tools can also check the building to see how it will stand up to earthquakes, strong winds, and other natural factors it may experience. By running this data through the software, you can ensure that the building is safe enough for an earthquake-prone or windy area. And, I am sad to say, but as we noticed by the most recent news, this option will be more in demand every day. So as I said, The biggest benefit of architectural visualization is that clients don't have to wait until the project is done to know what it's going to look like or cost.

In the meantime, architectural marketing is all about the latest technology trends. Visualization, 3D rendering, and 3D modeling tools are pieces of tech that you can use to make amazingly immersive promotions and marketing campaigns. Nowadays, marketing is all about customer expectations, experience, and satisfaction.

So, in CUUB, we are trying to use all the latest tech to not only manage the expectations of our clients but go beyond them. Before we start working on every project, we try to set a call with the client and brief them about important things such as the target audience, the main features of the projects, the history of the location, and the whole point of using the renders. You spend just an hour of the time, but it has a huge impact on the result. By knowing your client`s desires you will hit their expectations from the first time. So I definitely recommend having this in practice and always insist on the meetings. It's more than clear that using architectural rendering is one of the best ways to encourage and market projects. It's a fundamental element in architectural marketing, and if used properly, can take the business to a whole new level.

Written by

Alina Kandibolotska
Chief Operating Officer

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