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+kouple & CUUB

The JEFFREY lamp is a sustainable lighting fixture made from recycled materials, serving as both a lighting element and a sound-absorbing feature, promoting eco-friendly design in modern interiors.

Location: Sweden

Partner: +kouple

Our team and Ukrainian object design company +kouple collaborate to showcase the innovative JEFFREY lamp. This collaboration pays tribute to sustainable design  dual functionality, serving as both a lighting fixture and a sound-absorbing element in modern interiors.

The JEFFREY lamp is a new lighting solution that offers more than just illumination. Made from non-woven recycled polyester "PET-felt," this lamp not only reduces noise levels in a room but also creates a calming ambiance. Designed by Dan Vakhrameyev, the JEFFREY lamp features a visually striking layered structure that adds a graphical symmetry impression to any space. 

“We must implement more and more recycled materials into our daily routine usage.In this way, we share the responsibility for improving the environmental situation and reducing the amount of waste on the planet.” - comments Kateryna, +kouple CEO

Artistic visualizations and animation that showcase how versatile and sustainable lighting design can be. The focal point of this collaboration lies in demonstrating how lamps can seamlessly blend into many styles, supporting and complementing the overall interior concept by providing localized illumination or becoming its central element. Simply combine several lamps in different ways to achieve the desired effect. 

The essence of this collaboration lies in showcasing recycled materials into beautiful and functional objects, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. This innovative approach highlights the beauty and versatility of recycled materials, offering consumers a stylish and environmentally conscious lighting solution.

Services we provided

  • Concept Creation
  • Product Rendering
  • Product Rendering Animation


The implementation of this project presented both challenges and opportunities. It began with the partner's desire to emphasize the Scandinavian aesthetic: bright, attractive, and sunny. The goal was to strike a delicate balance between minimalism and showcasing key details of the product. This journey had its own twists and turns. However, with a clear understanding of the product, its value, and the underlying concepts, our creative team persevered and ultimately found the perfect solution.

An important focus for our team was the research of materials and colors. The variety of lamp palettes offered a plethora of possibilities, ensuring the final result exudes style and sophistication. Through a creative approach, we developed content that not only aligned with the main idea of the project but also emphasized the crucial aspect of the functionality of eco-friendly design.

Moodboard +kouple

Concept of images

The concept behind the images was to showcase a new type of lamp in various settings such as offices, meeting rooms, and cafes, all within one cohesive story set in an office environment. The aim was to demonstrate the versatility of the lamps in different compositions and areas, while also highlighting the variability of the color palette.

To create a cohesive environment, the team focused on selecting chairs, tables and flooring that would complement the lamps without overpowering them. The chairs chosen were designed in a contemporary Scandinavian style to maintain authenticity and enhance the overall aesthetic. The tables were kept simple and minimalist, with laptops and books depicted on them to add realism. Flooring options included plain, matte resin or subtly unconventional carpeting to portray a modern, minimalist office interior.

Concept of images +kouple

Throughout the entire process, we detailed every aspect of the product presentation to ensure the lamps were accurately depicted, including how they were mounted to the ceiling and controlled by cables.

Overall, the concept was aimed at not only showcasing new lamp designs, but also creating a visual narrative that would resonate with potential clients and allow them to imagine how the lamps could fit into their unique spaces and stories.

Concept for +kouple

Concept of animation

The animation showcases the lamp assembly process, illustrating each step of component assembly. It shows how individual parts transform into a fully assembled lamp, offering a clear understanding of the process.

Moreover, the video demonstrates how multiple lamps can be combined to create various compositions. It highlights the design's versatility and flexibility by combining two, three, or five lamps.

The animation emphasizes the lamp's functionality and versatility, presenting viewers with a range of solutions to personalize their experience.

Concept of animation +kouple


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Project team

Kate Mironova
Project Management Officer
Kateryna Sokolova
Art Director
Ihor Matvienko
Lead Animation Artist
Anastasia Zaharova
3D Artist
Dmytro Serafim
Senior Modeller
Ruslan Ivanov
3D Artist
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