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Modern architecture is a symbiosis of the heritage, a tribute to the national culture and an ode to technological materials.

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Partner: Hands Architects

It was a really amazing project for our team, we had the opportunity to tell a story that stems from one of the most mysterious and dynamic cities in the world. And we are very happy to share it with you first hand.

The design was based on a series of shifted metal cubes which, as if in slow motion of a film, reveal their powerful plates following the movement of the wind. HANDS WELFARE CENTER features a unique twisting perforated metal structure that takes us to a world of fantastic illusions made real.

The metal chess game is complemented by the inner part of the podium level, made of transparent glass. It will be fascinating to observe the play of light in the streets of Seoul as the setting sun reflects off the glass panels. HANDS WELFARE CENTER is a place of strength and relaxation in the midst of the vibrant energy of the city.

The magic of any visualization is that you can feel the idea and immerse completely in creating a deep and personal visual language. The task of our team was not only to represent the values of the project, but also to demonstrate its subtle interaction with the architectural traditions of the city. Its contrast, modernity and respect for the past, naturalistic tendencies, simplicity, economy of form, avoidance of extremes.

We are honored to share the results  of our global collaboration with Hands Architects as we celebrate a groundbreaking architectural project that brightens up Seoul life with a brand new project.

Services we provided

  • Environment modeling
  • Visualization of exterior 

Final renders

Project team

Alina Kandibolotska
Chief Operating Officer
Sergiy Bondarenko
Art Director
Bohdan Behmat
Art Director

Client testimonial

Haru Heeyoung Lee

It looks great and  thank you. It was a short time frame so we appreciate all your effort and help. Sukho and I enjoyed  working with you and are looking forward to working with you on other projects in the near future. 


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