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Symphony 303 is an orchestra. Here the cello sounds softly with the morning light streaming through the window, the open door to the living room and the balcony space is filled with the tenderness of the harp, the planted trees and the scent of flowers play gracefully with the sounds of the piano.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Partner: Lamont & Co and JASMAX

Designed by award-winning architects Jasmax, and delivered by experienced developers Lamont & Co met the Symphony 303. Amazing residential development of 43 premium apartments next to the iconic Cornwall park. From an existing commercial building, it will be transformed into a luxury residential complex that will shine like a diamond in the crown of brilliant Auckland. 

“We will strip the original building back to its concrete frame in order to preserve the existing character elements including the generous ceiling height. It will then be extended and two additional levels will be added to create a five storey building, four levels of sunny elevated apartments on top of a ground floor dedicated to car parks, bike stands and storage units,”— Tim Lamont comments.

We have created a calm atmosphere away from the bustle of the city. We complemented the canonical architectural forms with inspiring and healing landscapes of nature and changeable lighting that create the impression of endless harmony. The building has 47 apartments with large spacious balconies and balustrades, with the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Each detail in the project has its own practical and philosophical meaning, which we displayed with trepidation in the visualization. Such as the curved walls in the bedrooms, which create a magical play of light, which play a symphony of calm and balance.

Symphony 303 is next door to the historic Epsom Post Office. Uniform plan height restrictions mean that the building will have largely sheltered and uninterrupted views. This duet will sound like a song of delightful novelty and depth of eternal values.

Services we provided

  • Remodeling
  • Modeling of the custom furniture
  • Visualization of exterior and interior
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The brief

Our goal was to create a collection of exterior and interior renders under different types of lighting. Each view is an aria of sophistication, healing with peace and balance. As if in a brass band: the violin softly sounds with morning light streaming through snorkel window and wrapping around curved wall, the tenderness of the harp fills the fully open door to the living room and the balcony space, the grace of the piano plays established trees and established trees and the scent of flowers.

The brief 303 SYMPHONYThe materials 303 SYMPHONY

The process

Preparatory stage / Whitecards

We proposed the first model variants, based on the client's recommendations regarding views, and also took into account the wishes for a special approach to the presentation of the project's inspiring exterior.

Whitecards 303 SYMPHONYPreparatory stage 303 SYMPHONY

Artistical part / Color preview

The mood and atmosphere of the visualization had to reflect the main message of the project — symphony of spaces for the ceremonies of everyday life. The renders are meant to share a sense of warmth and a hidden haven for residents, away from the hustle and bustle of the street. Each view is an aria of sophistication, healing with peace and balance. 

Board of materials 303 SYMPHONYColor preview 303 SYMPHONY


The nighttime rendering of Symphony 303 features a breathtaking bluish appearance that will enchant and captivate visitors and would-be owners at the end of the day. Our goal was to show the amazing melody of the beauty of architecture. In the daytime beige-green range, the music of peace and tranquility. In the night blue-yellow combination, a magical and intriguing note sounds.

Daytime render 303 SYMPHONYNight render 303 SYMPHONY

Final renders

Project team

Alina Kandibolotska
Chief Operating Officer
Sergiy Bondarenko
Senior Artist
Oleksandra Petrenko
Senior Artist
Vitaliy Neretin
Senior Artist
Vitaliy Yakimenko
Art Director

Client testimonial

Sophia Cameron

Thanks so much for these — we are really happy with all of them, they look stunning and are exactly what we were wanting.

Also thank you so much for getting the renders done so promptly and efficiently, we have really appreciated it.


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