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York House

In Parnell, a desirable Auckland suburb,  York House adorned the skyline, blending history and modernity into urban artistry.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Partner: Monk Mackenzie

Amidst the charming Auckland neighborhood of Parnell, a creative force known as the CUUB team embarked on a remarkable journey. Our expertise spanned from meticulous materials research, and consultations, to bringing the project to life through captivating exterior and interior visualizations and animation.

The building's outer design, influenced by Auckland's volcanic roots, featured elegant charcoal-colored concrete folds that flowed gracefully along its shape. Vertical lines of ridges created a captivating dance of light and shadow, a testament to Monk Mackenzie's artistic vision. Inside, Amelia Holmes, the brilliant interior designer, meticulously attended to every detail. Her commitment to perfection was evident in every corner of York House's stylish apartments. The kitchens, a paradise for food enthusiasts, showcased stunning travertine stone and meticulously crafted arabescato surfaces. 

CUUB's expertise truly sparkled in their skillful lighting suggestions for still images. Our  meticulous attention highlighted the subtleties of the materials, transforming each picture into a captivating masterpiece. Yet, it was the animation that breathed life into York House, revealing its personality in ways. 

The animation was supposed to reveal a detailed history of York House. York House wasn't just a building; it was a work of art that resonated with the soul of Parnell. The heritage villas and contemporary spaces that surrounded it were a perfect reflection of the area's fusion of culture and commerce. It was a place where tradition met innovation, where history met the future. Parnell, with its parks full of sunshine, pet walks, and cozy memories of weekends together, provided a fitting backdrop.The CUUB team poured creativity into animating сapturing the spirit of community and companionship that echoed throughout the area.

Ultimately, York House turned into more than just an amazing building; it became a symbol of the vibrant neighborhood it belonged to. When we witness people strolling through these stunning spaces, it represents the sense of unity and cherished experiences that truly made York House unforgettable.

Services we provided

  • Testing different types of lighting
  • Research of materials
  • Visualization of exterior
  • Visualization of interior
  • Creation of concept for 3D Animation
  • 3D Animation
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Project team

Kate Mironova
Project Management Officer
Vitaliy Yakimenko
Art Director
Oleksandra Petrenko
Senior Artist
Oksana Hnyra
3D Artist
Feride Smailova
3D Artist
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